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Gründerin  & Trainerin

Kaylee Kübeck

Hi there! I'm Kaylee.

I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA and have lived in the Munich area since 2011.  I started learning German in high school, decided to visit, and never left! 


Teaching languages is my dream job. It's been a privilege to get to know so many people with all kinds of backgrounds, professions, and interests. Every day is so interesting - I think I learn just as much as my students!


After nearly a decade of teaching English, nearly all of my clients have told me the same thing: they wish they could practice speaking freely, spontaneously, and with confidence. I started to wonder if I could design a course with only the best parts of standard classes. 

The Blue Sky Sprachtraining method is the result of years of experience, long hours of research, and a passion to teach English in a better way. These classes are unconventional, challenging, interesting, effective, and fun! 

I look forward to meeting you!




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